I could live a better with the myths and lies when the darkness broke in, I just broke down and cried And she gave away the secrets of her past and said "Ive lost control again"

I am the rain...

I'm so clever But clever ain't wise

I'm the fight and the dance I am heartbreak and romance The feather and the stone I feel crowded and alone And I wanna be free

At my weakest I’m pretending to be strong Sometimes the demons are too hard to control

We are all like crystal glass, beautiful and unique

coffé break

Love will tear us apart again..

Hearts fail, young hearts fail, anytime, wearing down, on the run, underground, put your hand where it´s safe, leave your hand where it´s safe.



So many things I would have done But clouds got in my way I really don't know clouds at all

Fuck forever, if you don´t mind

Indian summer

Walking sleep And my youth I pray to keep Heaven send Hell away No one sings Like you Anymore

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